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Are you looking for quality elevators with enhanced technology? Premier Elevator has custom designed elevator interiors throughout Toronto. Read our blogs to learn more about new elevator designs and new technology enhancement in the field of elevators. This will also help you to design your elevators in a better way.

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  • modern elevator interiors Toronto
    3 Benefits of Elevator Interior Modernization

    The average elevator interior will last between 15 and 20 years, with a gradual decline in performance as time progresses. And while elevator interiors aren’t always top of mind when it comes to updating your interior design, they can have a big influence on how people perceive your building. Keep reading to learn more about three major benefits of elevator cab modernization for your Toronto area building.

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  • unique elevators toronto elevator interiors
    10 of the World's Most Unique Elevators

    Have you ever seen an elevator interior that left an impression on you? Maybe one right here in Toronto? All around the world, elevators are moving past basic functionality to include an impressive array of design elements that offer rider’s a one of a kind experience. Keep reading to learn more about ten of the world’s most unique elevators and where you can find them.

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  • 15/01/2019
    5 Simple Questions to Help You Design Elevator Cabs

    Your elevator will influence how visitors perceive your building. And just like all the other stylistic choices you make, the interior design of your elevators should be a reflection of your building’s brand. Keep reading to learn more about how to pick the perfect design for the custom elevators in your Toronto building.

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  • 15/01/2019
    Function Isn’t the Only Thing Moving Progressive Elevator Interior Design

    Elevator cabs have come a long way since their early introduction. No longer seen as having a strictly utilitarian purpose, contemporary elevators have the power to please the eye and create a calm, relaxing space that’s consistent with your company’s brand. Keep reading to learn more about how elevator interior design is taking centre stage in Toronto, and throughout the world.

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