Function Isn’t the Only Thing Moving Progressive Elevator Interior Design

Elevator cabs have come a long way since their early introduction. No longer seen as having a strictly utilitarian purpose, contemporary elevators have the power to please the eye and create a calm, relaxing space that’s consistent with your company’s brand. Keep reading to learn more about how elevator interior design is taking centre stage in Toronto, and throughout the world.

Form Meets Function

On a fundamental level, elevators are created to move people and cargo from one floor to the next, but design elements are gaining ever-increasing importance. 

Nowadays, elevator interiors are expected to feature modern, cutting-edge aesthetics that expand upon the style and mood found in the building’s lobby and halls. The modern elevator cab manufacturer must pay just as much attention to the rider’s experience of the aesthetic within, as to the safety and functionality of the cab.

Designed with Passengers in Mind

No longer strictly utilitarian in their purpose, ultramodern elevator interiors are carefully constructed to provide their users with a specific type of experience, whether that experience is a spectacular view, a bit of a thrill, a sense of calm or some brief entertainment. Designers use an array of materials and design elements such as lighting, mirrors, and display screens to control the mood inside the elevator’s cab and leave an impression on its passengers. 

The Future of Cab Design

In the near future, the integration of cutting-edge design features such as full-wall display screens will transform the user’s experience. Modern cabs will transform the ride from an uneventful trip in a dull lift, to a unique, customized and engaging rider experience.

Technology will allow us to greet individual passengers, to offer personalized messages or entertainment, or to display images of natural settings in an effort to boost mood response, reduce stress and anxiety. Tailoring the elevator experience to individual users will forever alter the small, enclosed space of the contemporary elevator and transform it into something entirely new. 

Choose a Custom Elevator Interior for Your Toronto Building

The space inside your elevator can make a lasting impression on your customers and residents. Make sure that impression is a good one with a custom elevator interior that features appropriate design, high-quality materials and efficient engineering.

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