5 Simple Questions to Help You Design Elevator Cabs

Your elevator will influence how visitors perceive your building. And just like all the other stylistic choices you make, the interior design of your elevators should be a reflection of your building’s brand. Keep reading to learn more about how to pick the perfect design for the custom elevators in your Toronto building.

   1. Who will be using the elevator? 

Knowing the type of person who will be riding in your elevator can help you decide which type of design would work best. For example, if you have an apartment building full of tenants who come and go, they’ll have different expectations than would a suite of manufacturing businesses with frequent shipments and deliveries.

   2. How will they be using the elevator? 

Knowing who will be using the elevator will then help you determine how they’ll be using it. While office workers or tenants might place more value on an aesthetically pleasing design, manufacturing tenants will need elevators that can stand up to rough handling and that are large enough to transport both cargo and passengers.

   3. Does it match the style of the rest of the building? 

When it comes to making a first impression, it’s natural for people to focus all their attention on the lobby. But with a properly designed elevator interior you can take the impression up! What affect does your elevator’s interior have on visitors? Does it detract from your lobby or does it compliment it? If your lobby is industrial and modern, but your elevator is covered in decades-old printed fabric, you may want to consider an upgrade.

   4. How much maintenance will it need? 

You should also consider how much maintenance your choice will require. Industrial designs tend to need very little maintenance but an interior cab featuring wall-to-wall mirrors will need daily upkeep.

   5. What are your replacement options? 

Another question you should ask when looking into elevator interior design is what your replacement options are. If one panel is damaged, will you quickly and easily be able to replace it? Or will a little bit of damage force you to redesign the entire cab? Ask your elevator manufacturer in Toronto for more details about the replacement options for each design.

Your elevator cabs make a statement about your building, your business and your brand. The little details matter and can create a lasting impression. Make that impression a good one with the help of Premier Elevator. Our services include the design, manufacture, installation and support of custom elevator interiors throughout the Toronto area. Contact us today to learn more.